Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Want to know what's going on between Flavour and Dillish Mathews?

You know what they say, if you don't want sh...don't start it. So Flavour and Dillish Mathews blame yourselves for posting cozy photos of you two together on your respective instagram pages. It made an amebo like me to go digging and here's what I found out. From a very reliable source. *wink*

BBA 2013 winner Dillish appeared in Flavour's Ikworikwo video last year but that was strictly professional. Flavour even paid for her appearance. Then they became friends. Then she broke up with her boyfriend. Then she came for a movie in Port Harcourt. Then she came to Lagos to visit. Then she had dinner with Flavour. Then she spent the night in his house. OK, pause! I said his house, not his Flavour has a big house in Chevron Estate, Lekki which he bought in November 2013 (Flavour pictured in front of his house above...the pic on the right is Flavour and Dillish in his compound) so she could have slept in any room. OK, let's continue with the story...:-)

So after spending time with Flavour, this was around three weeks ago, his PA went to drop her at the airport. But there's no relationship going on between them for now. Flavour is still dating Beverly Heels and all dem Will anything happen between them in the future? Don't know but if it does, y'all will hear about it. See the photos Flavour and Dillish shared on instagram after the cut...

 They look great together. Too hot!!!

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