Friday, February 21, 2014

STRANGE: 72-Year-Old Man Goes Missing


A 72-year-old man, Moshood Kadiri, has been declared missing after he went to ease himself around 5am.
* Mr Kadiri
'I want to ease myself downstairs,” these were the last words of  Mr Kadiri before his sudden disappearance in the Alapere, Ketu area of Lagos State four months ago.
The entire family had been thrown into confusion since he went missing.
The oldest daughter of the victim, Mrs. Oladimeji Sunday, said her father, who is a diabetic patient, was last seen leaving a relative’s home on Ladipo Street.
She said, “My father was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago. He and my mum moved in with a relative on Ladipo Street. My mother said around 5am on September 30, 2013, my father went out to ease himself.
“After sometime, when he did not return, my mother came out to look for him, but a security man said he saw my father walking towards Ketu Bus Stop. We searched everywhere, but we could not find him.
“We could not contact him on the telephone because he left it and his wallet behind.”
It was learnt that the family subsequently reported the matter at the Alapere Police Division.
The family told newsmen that since he was declared missing, no one had been able to provide the family with relevant information as regards his whereabouts.
In a desperate plea to members of the public, Sunday said, “My father was a taxi driver for many years. He is of average height and speaks Yoruba and English. We are hoping that anyone with relevant information would provide information as regards his whereabouts.
“Our mother has been taken to Ago Iwoye in Ogun State for proper care because our father’s disappearance is affecting her health.”
Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, had yet to respond to a text message sent to her telephone as of press time.

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