Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Father Strips Daughter And Drags Her Along Street


These are the pictures that have shocked China as a father drags his young daughter 100 metres down a road, after aggressively stripping her in a busy street.
The images, taken in Sichuan province, have been widely shared on Chinese social network Weibo.
And there has been even further outrage, after it was reported police decided to take no further action because the dad's actions do not constitute child abuse.
The picture series shows the man sitting his daughter down on the pavement, where she apparently refuses to wear her jacket.

The father takes off her top
He then tries to take her yellow top and jacket off in the cold weather, but appears to become frustrated with the youngster's lack of co-operation, lifting his daughter to her feet, and forcefully removing her clothing.
As he lifts the garments over her head, and the little girl loses her balance.

Her father than drags her along the street by her wrists, with her torso exposed to the elements, and bottom dragging along the ground.

Father drags daughter along the road

But despite the girl's distress, Chinese police are said to have decided against intervening, as the father's treatment was not an "obvious beating or abuse".
Neighbours said the dad is actually known for regularly spoiling his daughter, and has "never laid a hand on her."

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