Friday, February 21, 2014

Nigerian Student Murdered In Ghana And 'No One Is Doing Anything About It' (PICTURED)


A Nigerian citizen and a 300-level student at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, has been murdered in the West African country, and his body was dumped by the roadside.
Photo: Nigerian student Godwin Ayogu murdered in Ghana
According to the sources from the university, Godwin Ayogu was last seen on Tuesday. It has been also learnt, that the young man had planned to be in Nigeria on Wednesday to see his parents who live in Ketu area of Lagos, western Nigeria, but his body was found by the roadside where it was dumped.
Ghanaian authorities say the thorough investigation is already in progress. However, many Nigerian students fear the case might be swept under the carpet.
According to the source, one of the students said,
"We need the Nigerian authorities to interfere and we need security for Nigerian students here."
The source quoted another student as adding: "It’s sad dat a Nigerian is murdered and no one is doing anything about it. With all these things happening, this place isn’t safe."
Friends say that Godwin, the first child of his parents, played the drum very well and liked to be called "the drummer boy".

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