Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nature has denied me playing poor man roles - Pete Edochie

You will never catch the veteran actor playing the role of barrow pusher, like Mr. Ibu or that of a frustrated poor man like Nkem Owoh. It just has to be royalty! Pete Edochie finally tells us why in an interview with Saturday Tribune:

People always ask why I am always given such roles and I ask them in return, can you cast me as a driver? No. Can you cast me as a gateman? No.

On allegations that he rejects such roles, he says…

It is not that. Let me assume that you are given the role of a very big woman, then Pete Edochie is made your driver; I come and open the car for you and I can even physically throw you up and eat you up. If you are looking for a rich man, look for a tall and huge man, with a congenital and aristocratic disposition; then you got me – not someone who trains himself to try to look big. When I sit down as an Igwe, I radiate authority. I am not saying it to flatter myself, but I know what I represent.

There was a time I was cast in the role of a poor man, and I was trying to mend nets at the river side, and people looked at my legs and saw that my legs were so smooth and big. I have a physique that makes it difficult to play me down. If all the actors audition for a big role, I will be chosen, because nature has denied me some roles. But I enjoy the roles I am given.

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