Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kickstart your career at the Dreams Workshop

Recording artist Blink, alongside the team at The Gidi Culture Festival urged secondary school students at the Apostolic Grammar School Lagos to remain in education in their recent school visit which marked the school’s 50th year anniversary.

The school visit is part of  the ‘Dreams Project’ initiative by Eclipse Live which aims to encourage students to gain a solid education before venturing out into other fields as well as promote jobs within the entertainment industry. The school visit encourages students to gain the basic skills of education; reading & writing, whilst encouraging them to take charge of their careers by applying for internship positions. Continue...

Recording artist, Nelson Agose, popularly known by his stage name, Blink,  is an advocate for education who taught Economics to senior secondary students in Gbara area of Lekki as part of his NYSC program. Determined to inspire his students,  and change  popular perception amongst his students that school was ‘boring’ , Blink sought fun and creative ways to deliver his lectures. ‘Kids are very influenced by popular culture. They want to become musicians, fashion designers and work in the creative industry but often think that they do not need an education to get there’ said Blink. ‘This is not always the case. To be lyrically strong, you need to be knowledgeable and that often comes with getting an education, even if it is at the most basic level. Education is key’ he continued.

The Dreams Project is the heart beat of the Gidi Culture Festival, borne out of the passion to empower the youth of Nigeria whilst opening up career opportunities in the entertainment industry, with a focus on the ancillary roles as opposed to just the artistry. Prospective candidates can register their interest online, after which eligible candidates will be shortlisted to attend a day seminar with top insiders from entertainment industry. Based on performance and meritocracy, a candidate will secure an internship with a top media organisation.

“There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes in entertainment and what we are trying to do is encourage kids from an early age to start thinking about ways in which they can get a head start” said Okeke.

Okeke, continued “The entertainment industry is incredibly competitive but it is also a booming industry.  You have to set yourself apart from your peers and the only way to do so is by getting out there, networking, speaking to the right people and picking their brains".

Dreams TVC below...

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