Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear CAB readers: Should I forget this man or pay for the wedding?

From a female CAB reader
I have dated my fiance for 5years now. Whenever I ask him about our marriage plans, he keeps telling me he doesn't have enough money for the wedding. This guy earns 170k monthly while I earn 100k. I told him I have some cash I made from a supply, can't we use it for the wedding? He said its okay by him. His mother called me from Benin last week and said the son told him about our marriage arrangement, that she has mapped out the wedding expenses. To my greatest surprise she gave me an amount I can't really explain. I have 3milion on me while she said everything will cost 4million both for the traditional and white wedding. my wedding gown is not included, his suit is not included. Should I forget this man and move on with my life or release all the money I have for the wedding? I am troubled at the moment. I am so confused. Please advise

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