Monday, June 17, 2013

"No More Mourning For Yakowa; It's Time For Politics"


"No More Mourning For Yakowa; It's Time For Politics"
Yesterday, the Southern Kaduna People's Union (SOKAPU) announced that the six months' mourning period for the late governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, has ended.
The Union used the remembrance mass to set the stage for the 2015 general elections, stressing that the performance of political office holders in the state would determine the support they would receive from the people of southern Kaduna during the election.
President of the union, Dr. Ephraim Goje, who made the stand of the union known, said they would not make any definite commitment at the moment, adding. "As time goes on, you will read our body language."
He pointed out that politicians would be measured with the same scale with which Yakowa was measured while in office.
However, the state Commissioner for Commerce, Timothy Gandu, who represented Governor Mukthar Ramalan Yero, asked the people of southern Kaduna to support the Yero governor for the 2015 election, saying the government should not be abandoned because of the death of Yakowa.
SOKAPU president said: "Yakowa lived for us and died for us. I asked politicians from southern Kaduna, what is your political agenda? How united are you or should I say how disunited are you? The scale with which we weighed Yakowa is still there and it is that scale that we will use to weigh all of you.
"We are going to weigh you on that scale and that will form our decision in 2015. I asked the people of southern Kaduna to be united ever than before. We will not make any hurried proclamation, but as time passes on, you will read our body language."
The officiating minister, Rev. Fr. Raymond Danbonnu admonished politicians to live by the promise they made to the people saying: "If you are wearing shoes that are not designed for you, you don't have to start cutting them. Wear them until they become your size."

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