Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brazil: Violent Clashes In World Cup Protests

Protesters say hosting the World Cup is costing Brazil too much

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters demonstrating over the high price of holding the World Cup in Brazil.
About 1,000 people gathered in front of the National Stadium in Brasilia, where Brazil were playing Japan in the Confederations Cup, protesting over the cost of building venues for next year’s tournament and the price of tickets.
Riot and mounted police were called in to keep them from getting too close to the stadium as thousands of fans arrived for the inaugural match in the nation’s capital.
Police used tear gas bombs and pepper spray to try to control the protesters and local media reported officers fired rubber bullets in an attempt to clear the crowds.
Authorities said 15 people were arrested.
The stadium in Brasilia was one of the most expensive of the six built ahead of the World Cup warm-up tournament, costing about $600m (£382m).

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