Saturday, April 13, 2013


We woke up this morning to hear for this first time about this lovely looking damsel. Apparently the gorgeous lady known to most as Deola Diadem is a very popular, beautiful young woman and a former undergraduate of OSU. The unpalatable story now went to say she left OSU, in her 3rd year to relocate to Malaysia, thereafter the story took another turn, revealing just too much. Obviously something must have gone amiss between friends. Whatever must have gone awry between her and some people close to her. Those people are not taking it lightly with her at all.

What we have read in the past few hours are totally unpalatable. Whatever it is she might have done to this former friends, they are totally bent on destroying her name and reputation. Can some of those things they have mentioned be true?

It is so sad if friends would resort to such, when there is a falling out. So we are very curious to know those after this delightsomely gorgeous lady. And what she might have done to them.

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