Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is life all about money?

I would say life is all about money on the outside. In the thing of it, the world runs on money. It appears as if you can't get anything done without it. You can't eat, you can't learn, and you can't take care of someone without money.
Or can you?
I think we sometimes like to look at money as being the problem or the solution when in reality it's just a scape goat. We can do all those things without money; people have for more than a millenia.
And he has a lot of money so having that money just helps him get whatever he wants. It's a good quick fix to a lot of things.
But really, life is not all about money. It may be about success, learning, love, and many other things that money seemingly buys but it is not the only option.
Also, every single person is incredibly different in what they want and what they value or what they think can answer their questions.
Humans spend a lot of time doing things that control their universe.
Money obviously can do that.

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