Monday, April 29, 2013

Taylor Swift buys $17million mansion, pays whole lot in CASH (surely that's just showing off?)

Taylor Swift bought a new $17million (£11million) mansion over the weekend and reportedly paid the whole lot in cash!
Taylor Swift is worth around $57million. Copyright: [Wenn]
Now, surely that is just showing off? And it's hardly like the loaded star (who is worth an estimated $57m) needs a discount for paying in cash, is it?
However, she got one nonetheless after the house was originally listed as on the market for €20m.
As well as being a fully fledged pop goddess it's believed that Harry Styles' ex also has a rather savvy business head on her.
At just 23-years-old the star has done what our Dad always says and invested in property.
Taylor Swift had made LOTS of money from doing things like THIS. Copyright: [Rex]
It's reported that the star purchased the property in full for $17.75million with a single payment.
Question is, can we come to the housewarming party?
However, it's believed that Taylor might not even be planning to live in the Rhode Island property and instead just bought it as a blimmin' investment!
Does that mean maybe she could lend it to us for our holidays?
Taylor already owns a home in Beverly Hills, California and a penthouse duplex in Nashville, Tennessee.

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