Sunday, April 28, 2013

Man Lives With Corpse For Months, Police Say

U.S. - An elderly woman who lived at a mobile home park in Michigan, hadn't paid her rent for months, leaving her landlord with little choice but to evict her. When it came time to kick out 72-year-old Annie Marquis, however, the manager of Long's Mobile Home Court and court officers made a gruesome discovery...
Man Lives With Corpse For Months, Police Say
After a 64-year-old man opened the door to the woman's residence, the landlord peeked in and noticed her corpse on a sofa bed.
The neighbor told the local news station that a man had been living with Marquis and didn't "act right."
"The officer noted a pungent smell of decay and observed a corpse in the room immediately to the right of the front door," Redford Township police Sgt. reported. "He called us. The corpse had obviously been deceased for some time and was partially dried out."
Authorities think Marquis passed away in November and are currently attributing her death to natural causes. Marquis and Dennis McCauley reportedly lived together for three years.
Police later arrested McCauley and charged him for failing to report Marquis' death and for fraud related to living off her finances after her passing. They've also charged him with mutilation, noting that the corpse's arm had been separated from her right shoulder.

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