Friday, April 4, 2014

Orji Kalu Is Critical About The Ongoing National Conference


Abia State former governor Orji Kalu is critical about the National Conference currently held in Abuja as the event is attended by old delegates who do not have the strength to decide the future of the nation.
Photo: Orji Kalu critical about the ongoing National Conference
According to Kalu, there are many delegates aged beyond 80, who can't decide on the future for the millennium generation.
"What fresh ideas can these sleepy old men offer on the way forward? There can be no credible leadership until these men begin to gradually withdraw and allow the younger generation to take charge," he stated.
The official stressed the importance of mass media in creating "robust interface between the opposition and the governing party".
Speaking on the upcoming 2015 general elections, Kalu expressed concern over the quality of candidates, adding that it is the civic duty of Nigerians to search for a good leader.

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