Sunday, April 6, 2014

'Heaven Just Gained A Beautiful Angel' – Read Toni Payne's Tribute To Zara


Photo - ‘Heaven just gained a beautiful angel’ – Read Toni Payne’s tribute to Zara
At late singer Zara Gretti's funeral service, who died after battling with multiple sclerosis, this verse was written in her funeral booklet. It's Toni Payne's tribute to Zara.
As I look through the years, the life that you lived
I know you are smiling because through your music you live
No sickness could take that from you
No disability would dare
As we do our best to remember you as you were
The memories you gave, the love you shared
No more tears, that’s not what you would want
I take solace in knowing you are home
I cry no more becuase I accept
Heaven couldn’t wait for this beautiful angel
We celebrate your life, a vibrant one it was
A singer, a dancer, a free spirit,
Full of life, yes you were
I choose to remember you as you were
I know you would have wanted nothing less
And take solace in knowing and accepting
Heaven just gained a beautiful Angel
Vivacious, playful, cheerful and free
Those are some of the words that come to me
When I think of you and the times we shared
We would be here all day if we tried to compare
Words to a soul as unique as yours
How can I fully describe you with mere words?
The pain is over, uncertainty no more
Dancing in heaven, as free as can be
We that are left should take solace in knowing
Heaven just gained a beautiful Angel

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