Saturday, January 18, 2014

TOP 5 Mercy Johnson Films


Whether she is playing the role of a village girl, prostitute, student, a housemaid, a mistress, a conniving friend or an abused wife; Mercy Johnson's ability to delve right into the characters and produce commendable performances is what has made her a Nollywood fan favourite.
Here are the top 5 movies Mercy Johnson we love and think she played her roles to the latter.
Dumebi The Dirty Girl
Mercy Johnson gave movie lovers another reason to love her following her impressive role in the hilarious comedy ‘Dumebi the dirty girl’. Johnson took on the role of an illiterate village girl who falls in love and has a child for a rich man, Kenneth Okonkwo. The movie trails the very ignorant young mother who gets herself in a number of funny circumstances after she leaves the village to be with the father of her son. For her role in this movie, Johnson clinched the 2013 Africa’s Viewer’s Choice Award for best actress.

The Maid
Johnson’s performance in the 2004 hit movie, “The Maid” was the deciding movie that launched the talented actress into the spotlight. She played a manipulative and possessed cooperate house maid who set the centre stage for chaos in the life of a young couple (played by Van Vicker and Oge Okoye) as she involves herself sexually with husband, wife and cook. Her performance caught the attention of Nollywood and viewers alike and since then, we’ve been addicted to Mercy Johnson’s movies.

Heart Of A Fighter
In this movie, Johnson plays the role of a village girl who fights everybody and anybody with the ferocity of a man, until her life changes after she dares to challenge the prince of the land (Ramsey Noah). Mercy nails it again with her acting prowess in this movie. One of the memorable scenes was when she used a goat as ransom.

Guilty Pleasures
Here the versatile actress plays the role of a cheating wife. Guilty Pleasures is a narrative of two divorced wives telling how they were each robbed out of their marriages. Each story has a semblance of classic Hollywood: Citizen Kane on one hand and Fatal Attraction on the other.

When the trailer of hustlers debuted, fans were excited to know why one of their favourite actresses was being dragged through the mud. Starring alongside Clarion Chukwurah and Nse Ikpe-Etim, Mercy Johnson wows us again in this Elvis Chuks film production. Hustlers is the story of a street smart club owner, who is frustrated with the daughter whom she trained into hustling men for money, as she deems her to be lacking in the innate hustlers spirit.


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