Saturday, January 25, 2014

IBADAN MIRACLE: Mysterious Islamic Writing Appears On A Tree


photo - IBADAN MIRACLE: Mysterious Islamic Writing Appears On A Tree
On Saturday, many residents of Ona Ara Local Government area of Ibadan, Oyo State, gathered at the Community Grammar School, Amuloko, to see a mysterious phenomenon.
Apparently, at about 1 p.m on Friday, a JS 1 student, Abdulsalam Selimot noticed a pattern on a tree in the premises of the school that resembled the name of Allah in Arabic lettering.
Speaking  with the press, the girl narrated:
"My Dad said he was coming to see me, so I stood under the tree in front of our school. Suddenly, a leaf fell on my head and when I picked it, I saw a certain writing on it. I looked up to see where it came from and discovered it fell from the tree. There and then I saw an Arabic lettering appearing, being written on the tree.
"I could not read it well but I noticed that it was a Quranic Language similar to the spellings we were being taught at our Quranic centre. I then went to inform some Alfas who came for GNLD training close by. They saw it and asked for my name. They asked me to go and call my parents, and I went to call my mother."
"Some people said they would send me to Saudi Arabia because of what I discovered," the girl added.
Following the discovery, scores of people have already witnessed the phenomenon. They took pictures of the inscription, plucked the leaves of the tree, cut its branches, some were rubbing their palms on it, some were even rubbing sachets of pure water on the bark of the tree.
Mr. Atanda Abdulrauf Olayiwola, a Muslim Agriculture teacher in the school,  interpreted the signs to mean 'Mohammadu Ra Sululah' first appeared faintly before it got bolder few hours later to the consternation of many people.
"It was 'Mohammadu Ra Sulu' that I was able to read with my pair of reading glasses when I first saw it, but after about an hour when I had returned from Jumat Service, 'lah' had appeared and I could read everything clearly without my glasses. It has even appeared bolder today [Saturday]," he said.
A Christian and Social Studies/Christian Religious Education teacher in the same school, Mr Korede Johnson, said:
"God has again used this to alert us that He actually exists and we should be worshipping Him. It shows that He is capable of manifesting Himself in many ways to His creatures, and we should be closer to Him."

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