Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun And Edgy By Beckham & Nadia Buari


If the term style icon applied to anybody, it would most certainly be David Beckham. His sense of style is such an inspiration to men around the world. From suits to hoodies, chunky boots, leather, tattoos, skimpy swimsuits, and sarongs; if you can name it, David Beckham’s probably worn it.
The secret to bending it like Beckham is to mix things up. Always keeping people guessing requires staying on top of trends, knowing your basics, adopting a willingness to wear items out of context, rotating your look regularly, and not being afraid to break all the style rules.
David Beckham
However, David Beckham’s cool sporty look is made up of a Denim shirt, a brown chinos and a black sneaker with a white lace. His outfit is estimated to cost N2.1million. But here is how you can get this look way lesser that the estimated prize.
David Beckham Look Price
Note: you can alter the head warmer David Backham is wearing to a cap or hat as far as you maintain the colours in the outfit or a closely related colour to them. 
Nadia Buari
Ghanaian star actress, Nadia Buari is putting on a pink corporate shirt, Ankara shorts and multicolored heels. Her outfit is simple but stylish and it is estimated to cost close to N150,000. Now, here is a breakdown of a lesser prize to look this good.
Nadia Buari Look Price 1
Or an Ankara shorts or skirt with matching colours like hers. Can be way cheaper than hers if you know where to get them.
Nadia Buari Look Price 2

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