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Photo: Godogodo discloses facts about Lagos Black Sunday
Sunday, September 9, 2012, will remain indelible in the minds of some families in Lagos State, who lost their loved ones to the brazen attack of a gang of heavily armed robbers, with at least 3 policemen and several civilians killed and many others injured.

But the arrest of all the members of the gang that operated that day, including the notorious South-West robbery czar, Abiodun Ogunjobi, aka, Godogodo, would bring relief to relatives and friends of those killed or injured during the encounter.

Godogodo, arrested on August 1, 2013, now reveals all the chilling details in terms of how he coordinated this bloody operation.

"On that fateful day, I called one of my boys, Sayeed Omolopa, to meet me at Alfa Beach in Ajah, and some other boys led by Kasali and Ejike.

"They were about seven and my boys were five. Yemi Boss, who came with Ejike, said we should go to Agege and rob some bureau de change operators."
Godogodo narrates.

The men agreed that each robber would get what he laid his hands on. They had 2 vehicles and over nine AK-47 rifles.

"When we got to Agege, some bureau de change operators that saw us ran to us thinking we wanted to change money and we opened fire on them and ran into their shops to pack all the money we found.

“In fact, we robbed from shop to shop and we also shot sporadically to scare people. We shot at people who tried to block the road and prevent us from moving.
"I can’t count the number of people killed in that operation. Wherever people tried to block the road, we opened fire on them."
Godogodo confesses they made big money from that operation. However, when the robbers tried to escape, the police blocked them and the gang members opened fire on the van, killing all the policemen inside the vehicle.
It has been learned that Godogodo made over N500,000 on of the other gang members made over N6 million from the operation.

"Everybody made a lot of money from the operation. I didn’t border to read the newspapers the next day to know the extent of damage but I knew many people lost their lives in that operation.
"You know, as robbers, we do not go for operations to kill but we kill when we don’t have option."
Godogodo also narrated how he and members of his gang killed four policemen at Ajah, in February 2013, snatching three AK-47 rifles from them.
He said he killed the policemen because he wanted to recover his nine rifles seized by the SARS operatives from one of his boys, Tosin.
Godogodo also disclosed facts about several other killings. According to him,
"Ife and Oleh brought the job, they told me that we should go and rob a man who had just returned from London with huge sums of money and some drugs.

"We went to his house and discovered that he was not at home and we left in annoyance and went on to rob some people from house-to-house.

"On our way out, we spotted some policemen at Oko-Oba police station, they didn’t know that we were robbers. We killed them before collecting their rifles.
Thus, as a result of numerous operations by Godogodo and his gang members a lot of policemen and innocent people were killed.

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