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My Husband and Family Have Been My Bedrock – IGE


Photo - My Husband and Family Have Been My Bedrock – IGEMTN Project Fame’s Voice Coach cum trainer, beautiful Ige Dupe Kachi says music is an integral part of her being. A daughter of an Anglican Priest, Dupe started playing music while she was 7. She joined Project Fame during its second season and she isn’t in a hurry to quit. In this chat, she talks about her music, her family, and concludes that there is more to singing professionally than meets the eye.
"I was a science student while I was in school. But music runs in my family. Though my father was a radical priest. With his influence, we all joined the choir and learnt how to play different musical instruments very early in life. I started playing musical instruments when l was seven years. I must say it wasn’t very easy for me.
"The experience I had developing my talent in music was unbearable. But it worth its while because music has become an integral part of my life. My parents are the type who insist that their wards must study serious courses despite the fact that music runs in the family. So, it was not easy at all because I was a Science student.
"I studied Electrical Engineering. However, despite the fact that I was a science student, I courses in literature. At a point, I was the only female student who was studying music; even though I didn’t sit for the examination. Considering how difficult Elect-Elect was, we were about six to seven female students in my class. Music is an art I so much love. I haven’t forgotten I read Elect-Elect. But for now, music has been a part of my life and that of my family and will forever be.
"I realized that when I was growing up, I had a passion not just for singing but also for teaching. I always liked to teach people when it comes to singing. And most of things I taught people, I learnt them by myself. I have been singing since I was seven years. I started with six classical music pieces. If you want to teach someone the rudiments of music , the best method is to teach that person some classical music or you use the classical music technique because that is the bedrock of all kinds of music.
"I was part of Igwe Laz Ekwueme’s choral group for a very long time. I was also part of late Steve Rhodes Voices. I really wanted to learn, I was very hungry to learn; and at the same time, I was going out to perform. All those experiences were my personal efforts coupled with my passion for helping others.
"When I graduated from the university, and completed my youth service, I got married straight away and started building my family. I didn’t want to rush into anything. I wanted to take my time and study the trend. I am here now in Project Fame West Africa because of the experiences I have gathered over the years. So, I am glad I did.
"Being part of Project Fame is a refreshing experience because I contributed to that person’s success. It is a feeling that you know that anything is possible. Never say never! You can develop your talent if you are committed and determined to do so.
"I have been very careful in all that I’m doing because I didn’t my family to suffer as a result of my desire to be a role model. My family has been my my backbone. I would tell the people that know me as Dupe that it means they have known me all my life. But the ‘Ige’ you watch on television stops when I’m out of the set. I would not let anybody change me. And my husband is my reality check.
"The life on TV is beautiful and glamorous and I am grateful that I’m part of it. But there should be a check on all of us and I have always drawn the line. I made sure that this is who I am. I am truthful, down-to -earth, and that no matter where I go, that’s who I am going to be. That doesn’t mean that when I am walking on the road, I’ll start wearing face caps or dark shades. I also had to always remember that I am a wife and a mother before anything else. It is not an easy journey or exercise but with God, I have been able to manage stardom."
Ige is a homely woman with a lovely and understanding husband.
"My marriage is blessed with three wonderful boys. My husband has been there for me. Perhaps, without him, I would be saying something else. My husband has been like bedrock for me. He’s been very supportive. In fact, I don’t take him for granted. He is my manager, my song selector, he is all round.
"He represents me. He just seems to understand and help me to draw the line. For me, it hasn’t been a bed of roses but God indeed has been seeing me through. Once upon a time, I used to be ‘a big size 8.’ And now, I have eaten the fats of the land! I try to watch what I eat. Sometimes, I don’t. It is advisable to watch what you eat as you grow older because of your weight and your health. Now I am watching it."

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