Friday, November 29, 2013

Have y’all seen this python alleged to have swallowed a human trending on internet

Has anyone seen this python? Lol…I can hardly take a second glance. It’s so scary!

The incredible giant sized python that appears to have eaten a human has sparked confusion and debate across the internet. I first saw it on a Nigerian blog which claimed a cultist lured an Ebony State University undergraduate to a hotel, the man then transmuted into a giant python and swallowed her up. Una believe? Sorry I don’t.

Some websites suggests that the picture may have been taken between Asia, Africa and America but the general consensus is that this snake's food was human.

One website claims it was taken in India, where the mighty snake swallowed a sleeping drunkard. Another version goes that the snake swallowed a woman in Durban North, South Africa, this summer, and that the picture was taken by a reporter. There have also been stories that the snake was found in game reserve before eating its rescuer. While some other websites have claimed the photograph is fake.

So what do you think. If you have a different version lets hear it.

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