Sunday, April 6, 2014

OMG pics: Popular model/pageant queen reveals she was born a man

Filipino model & pageant queen Geena Rocero has one of the best bodies in the modeling/pageant business so you can imagine people's shock when she recently revealed that she was born a man

Coming out in March 2014, Geena said...
"The world makes you something you are not. But you know inside what you are. And that question burns in your heart, how would you become that. I maybe someone unique in this but I am not alone. So when I became a fashion model, I felt that I'd finally achieved the dream that I'd always wanted since I was a child. My outside self finally matched my inner truth. 
All of us are put in boxes by our families, by our religion, by the society, by history. For the last 9 years, some of my neighbours, friends, colleagues and even my agent did not know I was born male. Because of my success I was scared to reveal this..."
She changed her gender in Thailand when she was 19 years old with her mother's help. See more photos and watch her tell story after the cut...

Geena Rocero tells her story..

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