Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Women And Their 'Privates


The vagina is simply a female sex organ through which intercourse and childbirth take place. Male sex organ is quite different from the female sex organ; in that the female organ is created in such a way that things can easily penetrate it if care is not taken. It is important that all females maintain vaginal health to avoid infections.
Maintenance of vaginal health is not too difficult considering the fact that the vagina is designed naturally to be self cleansing. The vaginal secretions help control the growth of micro organisms that inhabit the vagina, which is the part that makes the vagina self cleansing. Some people think that by washing the vagina with good soap and using deodorant, it is kept clean and odorless. On the contrary, usage of these soaps can cause infections.
To maintain good vaginal health, we should do the following:
  • Wash the genital area daily,
  • Avoid the use of perfumed soaps, deodorant sprays, wipes and talcum powder on the vaginal area
  • Wear cotton underwear. Avoid tight jeans and other tight clothing
  • Wipe from front to back after urinating and after bowel movement
  • Avoid the use of deodorized panty shields, bath products and bubble bath solution
  • Avoid douching the vagina. It is self cleansing with its natural secretion.
Douching interfers with useful bacteria that live in the vagina, and it has also been discovered that it changes the natural balance in the healthy bacteria in the vagina and makes it easier for women to contact infections and other transmitted diseases.
                                                Choice of Underwear
Undergarments are clothes worn under other clothes, most times, directly next to the skin. They perform the function of keeping the outer garment from being soiled by the body secretions and discharges. Such undergarments or underwear include brassieres and panties (lingerie). Choice of undergarment should depend on not only the material, but on body shapes and type of activities for particular days. But it is advisable to wear raw cotton underwear and panties that are loose–fitting in the genital area in everyday life. It allows for better ventilation, and helps keep the vaginal area clean and dry. This will help to reduce the chances of vaginal irritation and infections. Underwear or panties made with synthetic fibres should be avoided for optimum vaginal health. This is because, synthetic materials do not soak sweat and moisture, thus increasing incidences of chaffing, hives as well as vaginal infection.
Rubber panties are too tight and can cause irritation to the skin. For those who wear g-string panties, make sure it’s not too tight so as not to highlight the stomach and hips as less balanced. Wearing tight underwear is one of the major causes of infertility in most men.

  • According to a UK research, ill fitting bras are known to stretch the ligaments in the breast in a manner that cannot be repaired.

  • The research also said that breast cancer is common in women who wear bras that are tight, as well as those who wear it 24hours a day.

  • Pain in the shoulders, numbness, as well as tingling sensation in the arms are common in women who wear tight bra.

  • Wearing tight or loose bras can also lead to improper posture, which is followed by neck pain and back ache. Wear your size.

                                           Functions of Lingerie
  1. Bras provide support for the breast and sport bras provide additional support and protection, thus reducing the chance of damage to ligaments of the chest.
  2. Underwear helps to preserve the wearer’s modesty, e g camisoles and slips.
  3. It protects the vagina from exposure when sitting. The exposure is dangerous, especially for young girls and babies who have higher risk of rape.
  4. Without underpants, the buttocks may shake uncontrollably, especially big buttocks.
  5. Underpants protect the vagina from dirt, sand, insects and every other object especially the girl-child.
  6. Underpants protect the outer garment from being soiled by body secretions.
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