Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still on the deliverance video! Comedian AY and Helen Paul reply Jim Iyke's diss

Comedian AY has responded to the tweet from Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, in which the actor referred to him as ‘classless’.
Here's what he told HipHopworld: “It was designed to be a joke, it’s still a joke, I’m a standup comedian and we make people laugh for a living and comedians are social commentators”.
“I’m sorry about it, it wasn’t designed to be detrimental in any way but if you see it that way, bro., I got nothing but love for you…I’m not classless and I know you know that”.
Helen Paul also has this to say about the interview:

Helen Paul 
 “It is just a joke, the alleged ‘deliverance’ was something that was talked about a lot and that was probably why he was mentioned in the skit. I am an actress and a senior colleague called me for a job. I was given the script and I acted my part. We did not mean to hurt Jim Iyke. In the skit, I was portrayed as a prostitute but that is not what Helen Paul is about,” she told PUNCH

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