Friday, January 10, 2014

Soul E throws jabs at bloggers over 'his secret wedding story'

 Soul E’s romance with Queen Ure is one subject that many people will not forget in a hurry. Although both parties have moved on with their lives after their highly celebrated relationship crashed seven years ago, the former appears to be the most affected.

In a recent interview with E-Punch, Soul E who recently tied the nuptial knots with his long time lover, Linda, confessed that scars from his failed relationship are threatening to take the shine off his present joy.
Visibly angered by some of the reports making the rounds online, Soul E throws a few jabs at his critics.
He says, “Since I got married on January 2, I have been the subject of several allegations and speculations on the Internet. A popular and controversial blogger, Linda Ikeji, painted me in a negative light just to tarnish my image...
She said I married a banker and that my wife was older than I am. This is not true. I am three years older than my wife. So, I don’t understand why people still call me a gigolo. The blogger even went as far as re-editing our wedding pictures to suit her pupose.”
“We have been together for six years. I met her shortly after I left Queen Ure. Mind you, we broke up one year before members of the public knew about it. My wife and I run two different travel agencies which she currently manages. I never married secretly.”
 “My experiences made me grow a thicker skin. I have never been married before. Ure and I had a relationship like every other person, it just didn’t work out. I don’t know why people keep writing that Soul E remarries second wife. Where are the pictures of the said marriage to Ure and why nobody is asking questions? ” he says.

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