Thursday, January 9, 2014

MMA Fighter Takes Craziest Post-Match PHOTO Ever!


MMA fighter Andy Eicholz fought against Wade Sauer Saturday night at a match in Pendleton, Ore., and Eicholz lost in the first round (Fittingly, Eicholz's nickname is "Ice Cold."), but his post-fight photo became a great success on the Internet.
Photo: MMA fighter Andy Eicholz had his nose broken really bad
The picture shows the damage Sauer did to Eicholz's nose is a red hot commodity on the Internet. said it's already a top contender for the coveted Broken Nose of the Year Award.
The picture went viral and inspired all sorts of comments, as people try to put its distorted beauty into properly poetic terms.
For instance, said Eicholz's nose was "so extremely broken that he could double for a Picasso painting."
A commenter on Deadspin remarked: "All I can picture is Daffy Duck getting hit so hard his bill ends up on the back of his head."

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