Saturday, January 18, 2014

Do Nigerian Referees Deserve To Be Neglected By FIFA?


The football governing body FIFA released a list of referees that would be officiating at the 2014 football mundial that would be taking place in June which will be hosted by the South American giants Brazil. In the list they released some days ago, there was no inclusion of any Nigerian Referee.
The world football governing body has unveiled a list of 25 trios and eight support duos; making up a total of 91 officials that will oversee games this summer.
FIFA explained that, “the referees selected for the World Cup in Brazil have been chosen based especially on their personality and their quality in football understanding by being able to read the game and the teams’ tactical approaches towards each game.”
The selected group of match officials will participate in three seminars: February, March/April, and the final one 10 days before the kick-off of the World Cup on June 12.
The absence of Nigerian referees at the mundial is not unrelated to the poor level of officiating in the Nigerian Premier League, as the officials continue to be snubbed at big football tournaments. In 2013, assistant referee Peter Edibe, was the only Nigerian invited for a FIFA organized competition – the U-20 World Cup in Turkey.
The selected referees are broken into groups of three trios and two support duos.


Referee DOUE Noumandiez Desire – Côte d’Ivoire
Assistant 1 YEO Songuifolo  - Côte d’Ivoire
Assistant 2 BIRUMUSHAHU Jean Claude – Burundi

Referee GASSAMA Bakary Papa – Gambia
Assistant 1 MENKOUANDE Evarist – Cameroon
Assistant 2 KABANDA Felicien – Rwanda

Referee HAIMOUDI Djamel – Algeria
Assistant 1 ACHIK Redouane – Morocco
Assistant 2 ETCHIALI Abdelhak – Algeria

Support Duos

Referee ALIOUM Neant – Cameroon
Assistant 1 CAMARA Djibril – Senegal
Referee BENNETT Daniel Frazer – South Africa
Assistant 1 RANGE Marwa – Kenya

What do you think is the cause for this? And what do you think is the way out?

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