I couldn’t fathom what it was
I couldn’t decipher the emotions
All I knew was that it was building gradually,
Boiling, rising and about to pour out.

It kept me locked in a cage,
It brought me confusion
I didn’t know whether to turn back or keep moving
Everything was on standstill.

It spoke to me and I listened,
It laughed at me when I tried to run away.
It gave me a thousand reasons why I couldn’t leave,
It hid me and tricked me into believing I was comfortable there.

I kept on looking for my worth but it blinded my eyes not to see it,
This feeling lingered for too long.
I knew I had to stand up and defend myself,
Everything was passing by and I was just watching.

They say life is short but it never dawned on me what that meant.
Then I realised, it was in my hands
I had to do it, I had to decide
The puzzle was over.

When I discovered what it was
It no longer had a hold on me.
I said goodbye to my FEARS and it let go.
Daniella Ziworitin is a graduate of mass communication from Igbinedion University. Writing is her passion, she loves to inspire and help people with her write ups. She tweets from @ellelita.
 30 Days, 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians from across the world to share their stories and experiences – creating a meeting point where our common humanity is explored.