Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ASK CAB: Addicted To Sleeping With Old Wrinkled Flabby Women


Please I have to go anonymous on this one.

I have a problem and a big one at that. I saw a story about a guy having urges for married women and it caught my interest. I have a similar problem too but this one is a desperate urge to sleep with older women (married or not). When I say older women I mean a really really old woman, this thing is driving me nuts.
I'm in my early twenties and I can't stop fantasizing about women with flabs and wrinkles. It all started when I had sex with my friends' 49 year old mum, since then I'm just too addicted to this new found urge. I fantasize about my lecturers here in Scotland and its affecting my grades badly, I don't concentrate during classes because I only think of my older female lecturers. I have a girlfriend and it's really affecting my relationship because I plan to get married to her. I need help badly, its getting out of hand. 
I went to see a psychologist about this but she told me its a feeling I got to know of through porn movies, the funny thing is I don't watch movies like that. Please I need serious answers here, no trolls or any of the sorts. I'm also using a fake email account I created just now to send this. I want my identity hidden.
Thank you!

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