Sunday, January 5, 2014

3D images of faces in the snow—a new fad?


Father-daughter in Virginia press faces into snow atop the car and took iPhone photos without flash, creating detailed images; snow angels will have company

Nelson Jones and his daughter, Hillary, created 3D images of their faces in the snow; photo is from Nelson’s Twitter account
A crazy new fad might have just begun in Arlington, Virginia, where a father and daughter created “cool” 3D images of their faces by doing face-plants in the snow atop their car and then taking photos of them.
Fox 5 DC photographer Nelson Jones and his daughter, Hillary, were shoveling snow Thursday night when Hillary decided to be creative. She opened the car door, stepped up, and pressed her face into the freshly fallen snow on the hood of the car.
series of photos
Series of faces in the snow; photo by Hillary and Nelson Jones
“It was just so strange,” Hillary, 17, told Fox 5 DC. “I kept saying, ‘Dad, dad, look, come here, this is so weird.’ We were just laughing and kept sticking our faces in the snow all over the car.”
Hillary took photos of the faces on her iPhone with the flash turned off, creating impressive 3D likenesses of their faces.
They were amazed by the detail.
“You could see the wrinkles on my dad’s face,” Hillary said.
Nelson Jones sent a photo out on Twitter, and Fox 5 DC & MyFoxDC’s Facebook page posted it, as did the station’s website. There was so much skepticism that the station made another Facebook post, saying, “YES, IT’S REAL … No Photoshop needed.”
Fox 5 did a report you can view below, with the face-plant part of the story starting around the 1:10 mark:

Actually, this really could catch on. From now on, people will add face-plants to their snow angels.

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