Friday, December 27, 2013

Popular Movie Director Slumps And Dies


According to reports, Popular movie director, Jeff Pollack was found dead while running on Monday. He was 54.
Pollack directed Booty Call and was a producer on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
A woman reportedly found his body around 6.30am on an area known as the Greenbelt along Hermosa Beach, about 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles.
Jeff Pollack (Left) and Benny Medina

It was soon discovered that Jeffrey Ian Pollack was an avid runner and soft ball player.
He has two children - daughter Lael Pollack, 19, and son Logan Pollack, 13 - with ex-wife Solange White.
For several years, Pollack partnered with Benny Medina, the manager whose life The Fresh Prince was based upon.
He produced several seasons of the Will Smith show, as well as the TV documentary Jennifer Lopez In Concert.

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