Tuesday, May 28, 2013



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 He is the new chairman. That's MI. The good times seem to be rolling in anyhow from left, right and center and they all, mostly musician can't hide it even if they try to. One of Nigeria's most prolific & gifted rapper or should we say rhyme master has just taken delivery of his newly acquired Bentley. 

The model we do not know yet, the year also we have not been able to ascertain. If it were brand new, a 2013 Continental GT V8 starts from $175,500 to about $193,300, a Flying Spur starts from $184,200 to about $209,600, the Continental GT Convertible starts from $196,600 to about $216,400, while a Continental GT Speed goes for about $215,000, a continental SuperSports goes for about $291,900 and last but not the least, a 2013 Bentley Mulsanne goes for $291,000. 

So any which way, (IF) MI bought his Bentley new, he would have spent between $175,500 (#26,325,000 that's at 150 to a Dollar) and $291,900 (#44,985,000). That's either the whole of what he got signed on for by GLO or nearly a double of it. There is the speculation his endorsement deal was for between #15 & 25 Million.

Men this guys are doing well ooooo. Now that, Wizkid has now got an MTN endorsement, we might be seeing the first luxury yacht or first private jet by a Nigerian Musician ooooo. Truly the good times has really come ooooo. 

Kudos anyway guys, you really deserve it.

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