Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Senior Pastor Delayed AfroCandy's Porn Movie Release


Controversial actress Judith Opara Mazagwu, popularly known as AfroCandy, has said that the long Christmas and New Year holiday delayed the release of her soft-porn new movie, Destructive Instinct.
Senior Pastor Delayed AfroCandy's Porn Movie Release
AfroCandy said the Alaba marketer that will handle the Nigerian release of the movie told her that she has to hold on till the end of the festive season before sending the film to various stores across the country as there are too many works scheduled for release at that period.
“I didn’t know until 24 December that we would not be able to meet the 26 December date that had been planned for the Nigerian release of my movie because of the holidays. My agents didn’t tell me on time as I have been disturbing them about getting my fans to see the complete movie,” AfroCandy said.
AfroCandy announced via her Facebook page of the coming of the movie. “GOOD NEWS TO MY FANS….Destructive Instinct is dropping in Nigeria in a few days!….Hurray! We did it. Thank you all and make sure you grab your copies asap!” she posted.
The movie, with AfroCandy as the lead actress, also features some Nigerians based in the United States including Ben Abit, Terry Daz and Munnet Oyarkhua.
It was scheduled for release on Boxing Day, 26 December and later shifted to 28 December, 2013.
AfroCandy said the movie which has been ready for some months was first delayed by a marketer initially engaged by her agent here in Nigeria for the distribution of the film.
She said the first marketer is a senior pastor with a popular Pentecostal church in Lagos.
According to her, she was told that the man complained of too many nude scenes in the movie and that she had to reedit the movie in order to get the much needed classification from the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board.
The actress said after she was informed, she reedited the movie but the marketer wanted more scenes to be cut off from the movie and she had to look for another marketer.
“I was told the man wanted more scenes to be edited from the movie. But no way, that is why we had to look for another marketer who is going to release the movie very soon,” she said.
When asked if the new marketer submitted the film for screening and classification with the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board given the steamy scenes from the trailers of the movie posted on YouTube, Afrocandy said: “that aspect has been settled. Just tell people to watch out for the movie which would drop very soon.”

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