Monday, January 13, 2014

STARTING TOMORROW: CAN Declares 31 Days Of Fasting, Praying For Nigeria


photo - CAN Declares 31 Days Of Fasting, Praying For Nigeria
CAN Chairman, South West zone, Archbishop Magnus Adeyemi Atilade
Archbishop Magnus Adeyemi Atilade, who is Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, South West zone, announced 31 days of national fasting and praying in order to prevent Nigerians and Christians from imminent danger and disintegration.
Briefing the journalists in Lagos, the Archbishop urged Christians all over Nigeria (particularly in the South West) to commence praying and fasting from Tuesday, January 14, to February 14. This, the Archbishop said, should reduce the rates of insurgency while stimulating peaceful coexistence of Nigerians, irrespective of religious differences.
While decrying the alarming rate at which Christians are being killed in attacks on innocent citizens in the North, the Archbishop urged everyong to partake in the spiritual exercise.
"According to 2013 World Watch List report, 66 per cent of Christians killed globally were from Nigeria," he noted. "So we need to pray for the church in Nigeria that every conspiracy that has been conceived against believers in this 2014 shall fail.
"Each fasting day, according to the Christian Welfare Initiative, would be rounded-off with collective prayers to intercede for government and our leaders, sustainability of the Christian community with prayers in 9am and 9pm each day."

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