Sunday, January 19, 2014

SHOCKING: Three Rapists Abducts 17-Year-Old Girl, Rapes Her For Three Days


Three suspected rapists have been arrested by the Edo State Police Command for abducting a 17-year-old girl as she was returning from school and raped her for three days.
The suspects rapist identified as Fred Musa, 23, Ezekiel Lucky, 22, and Benjamin Promise, 23 live on Erediuwa Street, off Upper Sakonba Road, Benin City, Edo State.
After kidnapping her they then took turns to rape the hapless girl for the period of time she was in their custody, before she was rescued by the police following a tip off by neighbours, who heard her cry for help.
Recounting the incident, the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Foluso Adebanjo said three suspected rapists after abducting the girl switched off her mobile phone thereby preventing her from making any distress call to her family.
However, providence stepped in when the girl began to shout for help through the window of the room where she was locked after her tormentors had gone out. Neighbours heard her cry for help and alerted the police, who quickly responded and rescued the girl.
One of the suspects, Fred Musa said: “During our school days, we used to rape ladies. We have been seeing the girl pass in front of our house. We tried to ‘toast’ her but she turned us down. We decided to abduct her while she was returning from school about 2.30pm. We dragged her into our house and ordered her to take off her clothes. From that moment we detained her for three days and engaged her in marathon sex. We gave her food to eat and we came in anytime of the day to bash her.”
On how their evil act was uncovered, another of the suspects, Benjamin Promise, said: “It was our neighbours who called the police and the girl was rescued. We were reluctant to release her because we just enjoyed her.”
Recalling how deliverance from captivity came for the girl, one of the neighbours of the evil three, who didn’t want to be identified said: “It was a shock when we heard the voice of the girl crying and shouting for help through the window where they locked her. Immediately we went to the police station to report the ugly incident.”
As she tried to overcome the psychological pain inflicted on her by the abduction and marathon rape, the girl recalled how she got into the predicament. She said: “Whenever they saw me going to school, they would always ‘toast’ me but I would turn down their request. Then one day when as I was coming back from school, they dragged me to their house and ordered me to remove my clothes. They had sex with me for three days. I pleaded and pleaded. They were adamant to my plea before the neighbours heard my voice and went to report the case at the police station and I was rescued.”
For their evil act, Edo Police boss, Adebanjo said that the three suspects would soon be charged to court to face the wrath of the law.

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