Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pic of Naomi Oni's attacker following her moments before dousing her with acid

The eerie pic above was shown in court today to jurors in the Naomi Oni acid bath case. It's a CCTV image allegedly showing her friend Mary Konye dressed in Muslim veil and walking closely behind Naomi, just moments before she doused her with acid and destroyed her looks forever!

That same night, the jealous and obsessed student posted a pic of Nightmare on Elm Street horror character Freddie Krueger on her WhatsApp profile pic & wrote 'Who looks like Wrong Turn now?'

A friend of Mary Konye told the police that Mary planned to attack Naomi and ruin her looks "so she would know 'how it feels' to feel bad about her appearance', after Naomi told her she looked like something out of a horror movie. Continue...

Naomi's lawyer said in court today
'Kamilah (Mary's friend) states that the defendant was insecure about her looks and that Naomi had insulted her. And there was a particular insult that was used, and a reference to a particular horror film and a reference to a particular disfigured character in the horror film - "Wrong Turn". It involves cannibal characters and disfigured characters, one in particular called a Wrong Turn.
'And Naomi had been rude to the defendant and said she looked like a Wrong Turn, that particular insult stung Mary Konye. Kamilah states that the defendant would complain that the victim would never compliment her about her looks.
'Kamilah Andrews states that this greatly affected the defendant, because she admired Naomi, almost to the point of obsession.'
'Kamilah states that the defendant would repeatedly say what she would like to do to Naomi. She states that the defendant would say 'What if I bought acid and threw it in her face, so she would know how she makes me feel?'
'Kamilah also states that the defendant told her she had joked to others about throwing acid on someone and that someone had suggested to the defendant that she should wear a 'nijab' [sic] so the police could not identify her.
'Following the attack on the victim Kamilah saw that the defendant had updated her profile on 'WhatsApp'.
'It appears that the photograph on the defendant's profile was changed and it then displayed a photograph of Freddie Krueger, the scarred-face character from the horror film 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.
'Kamilah states that the photograph was accompanied by a message stating 'Who looks like Wrong Turn now?''
School friend Safiye Laviniere said Konye changed her status on Blackberry Messenger so a message read 'She better not mess with me or I will make her face look like this' next to a photo of Freddy Krueger.

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