Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photos: Taxi driver stripped naked in Abuja by AEPB officials

Got this report from a freelance journalist who witnessed the incident on Friday Dec. 3rd. According to him, officials of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board and police stripped a taxi driver naked after they caught him trying to pick passengers at Kuchingoro Junction along airport road in Abuja. He said as the taxi driver stopped at the junction to pick passengers (He said taxis are allowed to pick passengers at that junction), the AEPB officials came out of nowhere, surrounded the taxi driver and tried to drag him into their Hilux truck. When he tried to resist, they tore his clothes and stripped him naked. (You will find the photo evidence after the cut).

The eyewitness said as he and another reporter got to the scene and started asking questions, a female police officer started shooting into the air to scare them and others away. But when they refused to leave and promised to expose what they did, the police officers entered their truck and drove off. See pics after the cut.

Shells of some of the bullets they shot.

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