Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Indonesian man with tumour all over his body after doctors remove one from his waist

An Indonesian man whose body is covered by hundreds of tumours has made a final plea for help as the rare condition robs him of his sight. 

Slamet, from East Java, is believed to be suffering from neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition which causes uncontrollable growths along the nerves. According to his brother Suwadi, the 59-year-old had a tumour removed from his waist in 1991. But six months later tumours began to form all over his face and body. 

Years later the condition has become intolerable and Slamet suffers constant pain throughout his body. Recently the tumours have started blocking his nostrils, making it difficult for him to breath

Slamet is now unable to work and relies on handouts. 

Neurofibromatosis is the name for a number of genetic conditions that cause swellings or lumps.
Although many people who have the condition inherit it from one of their parents, up to 50 per cent develop it randomly from a gene mutation before they are born.

Despite their alarming appearance, the growths and swellings - called neurofibromas and caused by a growth of cells - are not cancerous or contagious.

Culled from UK Daily Mail

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