Monday, January 20, 2014

Go Wedding Direct (GWD) - A Unique Concept In The Nigerian Wedding Industry


Go Wedding Direct is a website that allows couples who are planning their wedding to create their own FREE wedding website, which they can personalise with their pictures and information, and also have an online wedding gift list, so their guest can buy the gifts they really want for them.
With this unique platform, couples can can add pictures, count down dates, information for their guests and interact with them in the run-up-to and even after the wedding day.
Go Wedding Direct is the first and only Nigerian website which allows you to have your unique website and gift list in one place.
One of the fantastic features of this website is the ONLINE GIFT LIST. After creating their personalised FREE website, the couple can then create their own gift list choosing from Go Direct Wedding huge range of products. The wedding gift list allows couples to get the gifts they really desire, so they do not get stuck with gifts they do not want or duplicated ones. On the other hand, it saves their guests the guesswork of deciding which gifts the couple would like and also the stress of transporting them as Go Wedding Direct handles the delivery of all gifts directly to the couple’s address.
Guests can pay in a couple of ways. After they have chosen the gifts they want to buy from the couple’s gift list, they can pay using an ATM card or reserve the item and pay into Go Wedding Direct's bank account, then they let them know and they will then complete the transaction for you.
Other fantastic features on include:
Couples plan their wedding from the comfort of their homes or offices without the stress of going from place to place. Couples can locate vendors by using intelligent search feature which allows them narrow down their search to a particular category and location, for example you can find a list of wedding venues located in Lagos, so couples get only the vendors they need. There is also a blog section which contains articles written by industry experts offering wedding tips and advice on topics that help couples plan their wedding.
Where couples find that there are gift items they want that are not currently available in the catalogue, all they need to do is call 080 555 999 93 and efforts will be made to add the item.
If you are planning a wedding why not create a FREE wedding website today on or call on 080 555 999 93 and they will be happy to assist, there is no catch!
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