Monday, January 13, 2014

Disturbing video: 2 year old boy curse and use adult sexual language

The video, which was posted online by the Omaha Nebraska police, shows a 2year old boy in diapers being told to repeat profanities and sexual comments by the adults who were filming the whole thing.

Male and female adults (believed to be members of the boy's family) can be heard in the background verbally abusing the child and encouraging him to curse and use adult sexual language. They called the boy “pu**y”, “b*tch.” and told him to repeat it, which he did.

The Omaha, Nebraska Police said they posted the video to educate the public about the culture they are dealing with in Omaha.

The child in the video plus three other children have been removed from the home by Omaha child protective services as a result of the video. Watch the disturbing video after the cut...

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