Friday, January 10, 2014

Chewbacca Actor Tweets Amazing Retro Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of 'Star Wars'

"Star Wars" actor Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca in the series has shared more than 50 photos on Twitter this week from the making of the original trilogy. 
We've selected some of the best to feature below with his commentary.  Apparently, director George Lucas was referred to as Zazzle MoonBreaker on set sometimes.
You can check out the full collection here.
Happy Friday!
"There's no evidence to support rumors that George wanted to write himself into the movie as Zazzle Moonbr- oh wait..."
zazzle moonbreaker george lucas star wars

"Check out Han's face. 'Dude, that's your SISTER". Meanwhile Chewie thinks, 'not MY sister!'."
han solo harrison ford star wars

"The glow monster from ROTJ that you never saw. Maybe it will return in episode VII?"
Mayhew later clarified m ore details on that: " Ok, truth. The 'glow monster' was an effect that never happened. They were going to superimpose an alien over the actor, making it 'glow'"
glow monster star wars

" Stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart..."
mark hamill star wars

"Ok, you lot really like pics of a certain princess! Here's one of Carrie and her stunt double. You're Welcome."
princess leia stunt double

"Yup, this is how it was done a long time ago, in..."
star wars opening credits

"Practicing before they broke out the real lightsabers. Those things were dangerous!"
darth vader luke skywalker

"Another joyous moment on the set!! 0_o"
carrie fisher harrison ford star wars

"Its been 30 minutes, here is your gratuitous Chain-mail bikini shot. And look at @HamillHimself shirt!" 
carrie fisher mark hamill star wars

"'You are not Zazzle MoonBreaker'
'I am not Zazzle MoonBreaker'
'You like being behind the camera'
'I like...'"
george lucas obi wan star wars

"Some ROTJ pics focused around Jabas barge and the sandstorm..." 
star wars set george lucas

"Irvin had a fierce way of correcting you when you missed a mark. I look on in terror in the background..."
star wars mark hamill trash can

"You know Kenny as R2D2, but he was also Paploo, the Ewok who stole the Imperial Speeder Bike."
r2d2 ewok star wars


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