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Check out Kemi Omololu’s 9 Favourite People of 2013

Here are the celebs that made Kemi’s Favourite People’s List of 2013… Karen Igho, Denrele, Cossy Orjiakor, Femi Fani Kayode, Footballer Victor Moses, Blogger Japhet Omojuwa, Dare Art Alade, Police officer Maheed Mosanya and her dad, Victor Omololu Olunloyo (9+) I’m guessing her dad make up the et ce tera…

Every year since 2004, I pick 9 people I designate my FAVOURITE PEOPLE. When Facebook officially rolled out, I started showcasing them on my personal page. This year I have chosen the following people. These are the people that made an impact in my LIFE in 2013.

Thank U for being my mentors and people I look up to. I adore you all. Your realness and positivity has touched me. Hopefully I will meet some of you for the FIRST time and get to take a picture with my idols.

Read their unique stories here and I mean UNIQUE!

Karen Igho:I just came off the plane from Canada when I read the story in the tabloid next to me while sitting waiting for my ride to Ibadan from Murtala Muhammed airport. What the hell? The young lady had just been assaulted by some moron!! This young lady is a celebrity and winner of Big Brother Nigeria. She was slapped by a security guard for not giving a tip at an exclusive party. If a Security Guard slapped me for not tipping them in Nigeria, they clearly will be laying in a casket today. If U tip Nigerians, they become bribe takers. NEVER TIP anyone. So for all of u that think I’m a bank when you see me at events, pls stop begging. I am not giving you any money. In the culture I grew up in, we don’t do that. Get to know people first. When you tip ppl all over this country, you become a victim of their foolishness. If that were in America, the guard would have lost his job, arrested and charged by police. Sorry O jare Karen. Hope to meet you soon. I’m gonna try and reach this girl. Violence in Nigeria against women must STOP. Nigeria needs more aggressive assertive women like me. I was a victim of domestic abuse and remain single all my life. Karen, you impacted me! THE END!

Denrele EdunThe love this guy had for his pal Goldie was jaw dropping when Goldie died. As the Editor of HipHossip music blog, I began watching Channel O TV and met Denrele on the solid music channel. His style and flair is my type for a man. Flamboyant! People called him Gay as they have not seen such men before. Nothing wrong with gay people but Denrele told the Nigerian Tribune while I was there that he was not gay and stated his fashion sense and eccentric behaviour. Nigeria wake up and see people who are being themselves and not living in any closets and boring live. Love your hair Denrele! Follow him on Twitter @Denrele_Edun 

Saheed MosanyaSaheed Apesin Mosanya is a Nigerian Police Force Officer that I am yet to meet. He is based in Kebbi state, Nigeria and I met him online on the Toronto Police Service Facebook page. Saheed wants a department like North America's best TPS for Nigeria. Better equipment like squad cars, aerial, ground monitoring, mounted units, Glocks and much more to enhance the NPF and serve the public well. Saheed is concerned about terrorism, armed robbers and the public safety is his #1 mandate. He sympathizes with me on our lack of a First Responder emergency system in Nigeria. "We need a 911/999 system to be able to protect the public " he told me. Saheed Omosanya inspired me to put a plan in motion by creating the FB page Nigerian Police Force Supporters and Fans. This is the man I see as our IG one day in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I once told him that if I become President, He will be appointed my Inspector General of Police. I was a community Volunteer of the Toronto Police Service and Constable Scott Mills, Saheed and I were all pals online. Thanks for inspiring us Saheed! Follow him on Twitter @LynxOne

Victor MosesHis name is Victor Moses. I have NEVER liked soccer. Very confusing game. I am a daughter of the NFL aka American football particularly after winning 2 Superbowls with the Baltimore Ravens, the city I lived 21 out of my 30 years in the USA. I even joked that the Super Eagles of Nigeria will lose the AFCON championship. After sitting thru my first soccer game, learning about Victor Moses is what sold me. This 12y/o went to play soccer outside when the 2002 Kaduna riots happened. He came home and his parents were both DEAD! His uncle then took him to London where his football skills were constantly being worked on in school sports. Crystal Palace FC approached him later. He played for several teenage teams in England and ended up with Chelsea FC. Nigeria called Moses and he joined the Super Eagles. Today he is the PRIDE of NIGERIA and is bringing JOY to the faces of so many Nigerian SOCCER fans.......Including those of the men who KILLED his Parents. His story inspires me in that you can make your haters see that you can rise above anything. Follow him on Twitter @VictorMoses

Cossy OrjiakorHer name is Cossy Orjiakor. I heard about her in Canada cos I believe her man or ex-man lived over there. Her boobs stunned me. A well done job even if they were implants which I cannot verify but many say they are her REAL breasts! Cossy keeps it real despite many Nigerian women raining her curses. I came to her defense bcos I love REAL women. Most of us in Ng are sexually tense and want to get out. Cossy bares her boobs and loves her body and posts on twitter as she pleases. She then launched an album and now singing. She follows me and vice versa on twitter. I know when I meet Cossy, it will be a huge event. Every 11th of the month, I observer breast cancer awareness and the self test exam. Cossy always retweets my status. My dream is for me to have her at one of my breast cancer events this year to help me educate women. Notice when men take pictures with Cossy, they are literally taking pics with her boobs. She has a ton of talent even getting bigger, For that I name Cossy one of my favourite people for 2013. She keeps it REAL. Follow her on Twitter @CossyDiva

JJ.Japhet Omojuwa
J.Japheth Omojuwa, a political blogger and football enthusiast who gets the whole of Nigeria wrapped into that #MTNFootball and has caught my eye for so long. When he did the #OurNass campaign, I was a little concerned that it was a waste of time as these lawmakers were elected by we the people and now we are complaining about their salaries and all? He is a fine activist for change in my opinion and a different kind. With a country with so many phony fake activists, @Omojuwa as he is called on Twitter does so much enlightening his online community. He once told me he was not an activist. "There is nothing unique about demanding for one's right all the time. It becomes activism when one is often found in a situation where most people would rather be oppressed than stand for their rights. I am driven by my inability to watch anyone step on my rights without consequences. Sometimes I go beyond my personal rights to collective rights, the rights I share with my constituents and immediate society. It is a quest for justice." This all reminds me when I asked the Toronto Star Editor why he called me a Guns Victim Advocate when everyone could be doing the same thing? Follow him on Twitter @Omojuwa

Femi Fani-Kayode

When Mrs Bianca Ojukwu lied that she had never met Femi before, I did what a GOOD FRIEND should do. I stood up in the public spotlight for a childhood friend. I simply told Nigerians what I knew. There were OTHERS who could verify all those facts but they are in such high places they did not want their names mentioned in a scandal. I put my name on the line to tell the truth. Some Igbos came attacking me that I hated their tribe, yada yada yada, but just to let you know, Ojukwu was one of my father's closest friends and my dad was the ONLY, I repeat ONLY Yoruba leader that attended his funeral. So don't make it tribal. I know the Ojukwu family very very well. Femi has his own wife, children and family. He was once married to a Governor's daughter (Attah), dated a Governor's daughter (Onoh) and defended in the spotlight by a Governor's daughter (Olunloyo) and that is why we call him The #Governator as a twitter nickname. I talk to him often on the phone about national issues and saving Nigeria plus I respect him a LOT. Femi has spoken in a more conservative way than me on many issues including the aviation ministry scandal, the fall of PDP as well as the latest shooting incident of a Senator at an APC rally. Follow him on Twitter @RealFFK
Dare Art Alade
My Music blog HipHossip and I have been big supporters of Darey Art Alade for so many years after hearing him perform at the ThisDayMusic festival in 2006, Lagos, Nigeria. The Escalade song history goes way back so I will let you hear this interview first then in 2013 I discovered he was my COUSIN IN-LAW all along. Blood is thicker than water.

So this story was a "Special Fever" story I named after his hot 2013 single. I had an asthma attack and was admitted into the hospital. All night I was on my Samsung S3 surfing the net and by morning I developed a fever and swelling on my wrist where the IV drip was moved around. My mom arrived with some snacks I asked for the next morning. The doctor was telling my mom that I did not keep still. I was watching my interview with Darey at #LLAM when my mom asked which Dare Art Alade was that? She now asked me if he was Art Alade's son and I said yes. "That is Peju's" son she said. I asked who that was and mom said Peju Cole was her school daughter at Yejide Girls school then told me her brother Uncle Dekunle Akinyemi was married to Kehinde Cole the younger sister of Peju. SoooooI now asked her with my eyes popping out that Aunty Kehinde Akinyemi, my AUNT was Kehinde Cole Darey's Aunt as well. My mom said YUP! I DM'd Dare on twitter and he was driving and possibly had to pull aside. lol. Yes, we are Cousins-in-Laws. Darey's mom passed away years ago and that's my Special Fever story as told on twitter. If I did not have that fever I may not have been watching that video when my mom arrived.

Victor Omololu Olunloyo
My Dad!. He supports everything I say and do, so to all the Nigerians who say Im disgracing my father and you know him and blah blah blah, you don't KNOW HIM! Just read what he told the Punch in November 2013. 
What about one of your daughters, Ms. Kemi Olunloyo, who’s seen as controversial. What’s your opinion of her?
Kemi is an independent-minded person and she is not the kind of person you can suppress. She believes what she believes. Some of them may be wrong in other people’s system. For example, in America, she always fought against crime and drugs and all these things. But I like her condemnation of religion- very bold. Where did these churches come from? There are three or four churches that should be wiped out of the Lagos –Ibadan expressway. All you have to do is build a barb wire or walls along that express, they were there originally but they cut it. When people were more godly in this country, there weren’t so many churches.

BAM! I love you all. You are my FAVES!! Lets see who makes the 2014 list. Thanks for reading!
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