Friday, January 10, 2014

ASK CAB: Can A Woman Be In Love With A Man But Hate Lovemaking?


photo - Can A Woman Be In Love With A Man But Hate Lovemaking?
Can a relationship exist without sex? What part does lovemaking and pleasuring each other plays in a relationship? A reader sent the following story to, asking for help.
My story goes this way. I fell in love with a lady, and for years, I had been renting an apartment for her. Later on, I told my parents of my feelings and the decision to take her as my wife. My dad, however, said No, which meant I cannot get married to her as she is not from Anambra State. We are no longer lovers.
I got to know another lady, just as beautiful as my ex-lover. We both get along and we are in love. However, the quality of sex is quite low, as she told me she hates sex, and does not experience anything during sex.
What should I do? I love her so much, I am 26 years of age, and I need my own wife.
Does she love me, or is she sleeping around with other guys, or is that how she was born? She made me become a lover of masturbation, and she doesn't ask if i have another woman. I still love her.
Am I stupid or what, because I am no longer happy with her lifestyle.

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